There is NO god/deity! – Last Blog Post

I became atheist totally in June 2017. There are no humanoid gods/deities! Do you realize these books/religions are people-made? Laws followed 2000+ years aren't followed today, yet anyone would undoubtably say that living today is far easier than historically. 7 billion people are alive which is more than ever before. All the books shown were… Continue reading There is NO god/deity! – Last Blog Post

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Rights Party USA! – Alternative Political Idea!

43% of people don't vote in America. Why? As of now, you'll see people attack others for differing beliefs, and the USA only has TWO major political parties. There's a false dichotomy that there are only two choices. How come there isn't one that uses the ideas of both, which centers on ALL Rights -… Continue reading Rights Party USA! – Alternative Political Idea!

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Worldie: An Upcoming Social Network

Worldie.com is coming as a new Social Network! Have media channels, art walls, stores, match up to meet or date, and get your feed categorized in stream! All-in-one! Personal and business! Phase 1 is in development/design NOW! If you've wanted an alternative to Facebook, such as less censorship, more to do, emphasis on meeting new… Continue reading Worldie: An Upcoming Social Network

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New Website Coming (Social network?!)

We all know that people don't really look at this personal site, however, a new website idea is coming! Found a developer and they say that they can handle it.. unlike well, that other one for the non-profits. However, instead of the other thing I was going to purchase, I think I'll jump into this… Continue reading New Website Coming (Social network?!)

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Working on Motivationology Book!

Earlier on, I wrote out the 12 chapters for this planned, short book. Today I've been working on the first chapter, which is Motivationology (a short review). I actually plan to make it short in order that more people read it or able to digest it. I will have to research some anecdotes when most… Continue reading Working on Motivationology Book!


Interview coming on Motivationology!

I should be interviewed this week about Motivationology by Aaron Riggs, affiliated with Pirate Radio Podcasts! Yaarrrghh! Looks like pirates like heroes 🙂 Stay tuned for that. Meanwhile, looks like Hero Motivators is still being worked on. I see it's being developed, though. Also, it's now a Motivator System as well as a Good Samaritans… Continue reading Interview coming on Motivationology!


Hero Motivators now has a YouTube Channel!

I created a YouTube Channel for Hero Motivators today! I will be uploading the interview I had with Japhy at Pirate Radio Podcasts the other day! I'm hoping this all works out! Also, the developer should be done with HM, according to them, by the end of this month or the beginning of May. Meanwhile,… Continue reading Hero Motivators now has a YouTube Channel!

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Motivationology.org was created!

This site and blog was created to document my (Christina Taft) idea creation and journey! Earlier in this week, I finally put up a basic site for http://www.Motivationology.org Please see the Facebook Page and Facebook Group as well! I hope to get Motivationology into its own theory*, and this is my journey in creating it!… Continue reading Motivationology.org was created!